Podesta’s Endorsement Makes Appelbaum Unhappy

Michael Bloomberg’s endorsements yesterday by John Podesta was, according to David Chen “is the clearest indication yet that Mr. Thompson should not expect a political lifeline anytime soon” from Podesta’s former boss Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. (Podesta led Obama’s transition team.)

It’s the latest slight Bloomberg’s Democratic rival, Bill Thompson, has faced, from national Democrats.

So far, not too many of Thompson’s Democratic supporters here are speaking out about it. A number of Democratic congress members contacted yesterday had nothing to say about the Podesta endorsement.

One exception is Stuart Appelbaum, head of R.W.D.S.U. and outspoken Thompson supporter.

Appelbuam said Podesta “has done harm” to his reputation, and that of his think tank, the Center for American Progress.

Here’s what Appelbaum had to say in an email:

“Unfortunately, in his attempt to curry favor with the billionaire mayor of New York City, John Podesta has done harm to his own reputation as well as to the credibility of the Center for American Progress. Working people in New York are hurting while Bloomberg pursues Republican economic policies on development and finance. Mr. Podesta should come to the Bronx and see what is really going on in our city. Bloomberg seeks to enrich his wealthy developer friends, while a third of the families in the Bronx continue to live in poverty. Just look at the Kingsbridge Armory and Bloomberg’s efforts to transform it into a center for poverty wages.” Podesta’s Endorsement Makes Appelbaum Unhappy