Poll: 45 Percent Unswayed Over Term Limits

One fact that may underscore why Bill Thompson’s main complaint about Michael Bloomberg hasn’t served him better: 45 percent of registered voters said extending term limits made “no difference” in their decision.

That’s according to a new Marist poll, which shows Bloomberg leading Thompson 53 to 38 among likely voters, up slightly from last week, when Bloomberg led 52 to 36 percent.

In the latest poll, Bloomberg leads Thompson among Democrats, 47 to 39 percent.

Liz Benjamin noted that the 45 percent figure on the term limits question hasn’t increased during the campaign. Adam Lisberg finds Lee Miringoff knocking down Geoff Garin’s claim about Bloomberg’s support softening. One figure that stood out to me: 25 percent of registered voters are “unsure” of or “never heard” of Thompson. Poll: 45 Percent Unswayed Over Term Limits