Post-debate spin

Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains), the Republican State Chairman:

"New Jerseyans have a clear choice on November 3rd. Chris Christie will cut taxes, revive our economy and restore accountability in Trenton. Governor Corzine and Chris Daggett will raise taxes – on income, sales, and gas — and continue the failed policies that have made New Jersey an economic basket case. Election Day, and the tax relief that Chris Christie will bring, can't come soon enough."

Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-Union), the Democratic State Chairman:

"Governor Corzine emerged as the clear winner of tonight's debate because he showed that he is the candidate who will fight for what matters to New Jersey in these tough economic times. He's fought every day for New Jersey families- expanding health care coverage for almost 100,000 additional children and passing paid family leave. These are the right choices for New Jersey and the right priorities for the next four years. Chris Christie fights only for giant corporations and the wealthiest. He is the wrong choice for New Jersey at this crucial time."

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch):

"Anyone who heard the debate got more evidence of why New Jersey needs to have Jon Corzine re-elected as governor. As we work our way out of the recession in a way that produces jobs and gets the economy going, as we reform health care in a way that makes it affordable and accessible and as we bring the cost of living for working people under control it is vital to have a governor who gets the job done.Jon Corzine will move New Jersey forward and Chris Christie would drag us back to the Republican policies of the past that caused so much harm. As the voters take measure of the candidates the choice for them will be as clear as it is to me."

State Sen. Joseph Kyrillos (R-Middletown):

"Chris Christie laid out a clear plan to fix our broken state by reducing the tax burden on New Jerseyans and controlling wasteful spending by our state government. Chris is the only person on stage tonight, who promised to lower taxes and provide lasting tax relief. The people of our state are hurting because of Governor Corzine's failed economic policies, yet he has repeatedly stated that he will raise taxes to cover his own budget deficit. Meanwhile, Chris Daggett has put forth a plan to increase taxes and raise tolls, which does nothing to provide lasting tax relief. New Jerseyans need change, not more of the same. Chris Christie has shown he will change our state government to make sure New Jersey becomes an affordable place to live again."

State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck), the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor:

“Tonight, Governor Corzine once again proved that he is the candidate who will stand up for the working families of New Jersey for the next four years. Over the last four years, the Governor has secured health care coverage for almost 100,000 kids. He strongly supports a woman’s right to choose and is one of only a few governors to pass paid family leave that lets people care for newborns or sick relatives while getting paid. Simply put, Governor Corzine is on the right side of the issues most important to New Jersey families. Chris Christie, on the other hand, is fighting for giant corporations and the wealthiest among us. He is more concerned with lining the pockets of insurance companies than protecting the families and children of New Jersey. Christie has repeatedly said that he would give insurance companies free rein to drop coverage for critical procedures like mammograms and autism treatments. When middle class families are fighting to get through this economic crisis, Chris Christie is fighting against them to score cheap political points with his right wing supporters. All we learned about Chris Christie tonight is that he continues to be extremely wrong when it matters most.”

State Sen. Dana Redd (D-Camden):

“Governor Corzine is fighting for New Jersey’s hard working families. His record of adding 300,000 families to earned income tax credit and enacting family leave insurance to help in the toughest times prove that he is on our side. To anyone watching or listening, the governor emerged as the clear victor. Chris Christie, however, once again ignored the needs of New Jersey’s families. Again, he sided with special interests over working families by opposing paid family leave. Again, he supported Bush’s policies that ruined the global economy and put New Jersey’s families at risk. Again, Chris Christie showed New Jersey voters that he is wrong when it matters most.”

Assemblyman Scott Rumana (R-Wayne):

"Governor Jon Corzine continues to drive our state down the failed path of high taxes, high unemployment, and economic collapse. While New Jerseyans continue to suffer through the highest tax burden in the nation, the Governor has promised more pain and is ‘more than happy' to raise taxes even higher in a second term. Under the worst unemployment in 33 years and 12,000 private sector jobs lost in September alone, New Jersey families are fighting to make ends meat. Here in Passaic County, we're struggling with the highest per capita property taxes in the nation, yet Governor Corzine persists with his failed policies. Chris Christie again showed that he is the only candidate that will cut taxes and reverse the disastrous economic policies of Governor Corzine. Chris will get New Jersey back on the right track." Post-debate spin