Post-debate spin

Statements following the debate between Lt. Governor candidates — State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (Democratic), Monmouth County Sheriff Kim Guadagno (Republican), and Dr. Frank Esposito (Independent):

Gov. Jon Corzine:

"Tonight, Senator Weinberg demonstrated why she has been such a successful public servant for the people of New Jersey. Her command of the important issues is second to none. Even more importantly, she fights each and every day for the issues that matter most to New Jerseyans. I am proud that our first Lieutenant Governor will be fighting for the working families of New Jersey for the next four years."

Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains), the Republican State Chairman:

"Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno are the only candidates in this race who are talking about meaningful tax relief. Sheriff Guadagno focused on the most pressing issues facing New Jersey families – the 9.7% unemployment rate, the highest-in-the-nation overall tax burden, and the 200,000 lost jobs suffered under this Governor.Loretta Weinberg herselfadmitted that taxes are too high, yet Governor Corzine has only talked about raising them even higher.Chris and Kim's solution to our troubled times – cutting spending and taxes and encouraging job creation – are what people will remember when they go to the polls on November 3rd."

Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-Union), the Democratic State Chairman:

"Loretta Weinberg has always been a passionate voice for New Jersey's families and tonight was no exception – her dedication to fighting for New Jersey's working families is a shining example of the character our state's first lieutenant governor should embody. The Corzine-Weinberg team stands with New Jersey's hardworking families by fighting for the values that matter most. Together, Loretta Weinberg and Jon Corzine are committed to expanding access to quality health care for New Jersey families, supporting the special education needs of our children, boosting the State's economy and keeping our state on track and moving forward. In tonight's debate, Kim Guadagno carried Chris Christie's water and demonstrated that he is wrong on the issues that matter most for New Jerseyans. His opposition to paid family leave, support for a constitutional amendment to ban abortion and opposition to banning guns that can pierce a police officer's bulletproof vest are scary examples of how out-of-touch Christie is with New Jersey voters and what our communities need. Kim Guadagno's performance drew afurther distinction between how wrong Christie and his team are on the issues that matter most for the working families and the future of our great state of New Jersey."

Senate President Richard Codey (D-Roseland):

"Loretta Weinberg showed tonight why she has been, and always will be, a champion of the people. She uses her sharp wit and intellect to fight for the causes we all hold dear, and believe me, she is not afraid of a challenge. Few people display more compassion for the issues that matter most to New Jersey. Whether it's improved healthcare, greater access to it, or equal rights, Sen. Weinberg is always on the people's side. Governor Corzine made a wise decision when he chose Loretta Weinberg as his running mate. Tonight she showed just why they make a formidable team."

State Sen. Dana Redd (D-Camden):

“Tonight Senator Loretta Weinberg made it crystal clear that she is the lieutenant gubernatorial candidate who best represents the interests and needs of New Jersey’s working families. Her career has been dedicated to standing up for what matters most to the people of New Jersey. She has an unbridled passion to fight for New Jersey’s families and an unparalleled determination to make sure every New Jerseyan has the chance to succeed by protecting what matters most from quality health care to education to jobs Senator Weinberg again has proven that she is the best candidate to serve as the first Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey – and tonight’s debate shows the strength she would bring as the Governor Corzine’s partner in the State House.”

State Sen. Diane Allen (R-Edgewater Park):

"On every imaginable issue in this campaign – taxes, the economy, ethics, and the environment – Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno have provided a positive alternative to the failed policies of Governor Corzine. This debate was no different. While Jon Corzine and Loretta Weinberg have raised taxes, giving us the highest tax burden in country, Sheriff Guadagno made clear that under a Christie-Guadagno Administration property tax rebates will be restored and taxes will be cut to provide relief for struggling New Jerseyans. New Jersey is ready for the positive change and brighter future offered by Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno."

Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini (R-Ocean Twp.) and Assemblyman David Rible (R-Wall):

"Governor Corzine and Loretta Weinberg have shown they are out of touch with the concerns of families in Monmouth County and throughout our state. While Chris Christie and Sheriff Kim Guadagno will cut taxes and reign in spending, Corzine and Weinberg will spend the next four years raising taxes on overtaxed New Jerseyans. Under Governor Corzine, we have been robbed of over $2 billion in property tax relief and suffered in the worst business tax climate in the country. Even Loretta Weinberg admitted that taxes are too high. Whether it is taxes, the economy or the environment, Chris and Kim have spoken to the concerns of voters and presented a clear alternative to the failed policies of Governor Corzine. As Chris Christie's lieutenant governor, Sheriff Guadagno will take the strong leadership she has displayed in Monmouth County to Trenton and get our state back on track."

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean (R-Westfield):

“Sherriff Guadagno drew contrasts on the key issues in this campaign and clearly outlined the decision New Jerseyans have on November 3rd. Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno will lower taxes for New Jerseyans and create jobs, while Governor Corzine has continuously squeezed taxpayers with higher taxes and fees and stripped property tax rebates from the middle class. Worse, the governor has indicated he would raise them again to close the budget deficit resultant from his irresponsible budgeting, even as his running mate concedes taxes are already too high. Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno will end the failed policies of Jon Corzine, restore property tax rebates, get people back to work and bring positive change to Trenton.”

Assemblyman David Russo (R-Ridgewood):

"While Governor Corzine and his running mate have consistently skirted responsibility for his damaging policies, and brushed off the concerns of citizens who are overtaxed and jobless, Kim Guadagno and Chris Christie have spoken directly to the problems and concerns of New Jerseyans. In stark contrast and despite Weinberg's own admissions that taxes are already too high, Jon Corzine and Loretta Weinberg have only offered promises of higher taxes for the next four years to fund wasteful spending and irresponsible budgeting. Tonight, Sheriff Guadagno showed New Jersey exactly what we can expect from a Christie Administration and our first lieutenant governor – serious, capable leadership that will lower taxes and get our economy moving again."

Post-debate spin