Press of Atlantic City endorses Albano and Donohue

The Press of Atlantic City has endorsed Democratic Assemblyman Nelson Albano (D-Vineland) for re-election to a third term, and is backing GOP challenger Michael Donohue in his bid to unseat freshman Assemblyman Matthew Milam (D-Vineland).

"This has been a disappointing race. All four candidates rely far too much on vague generalities about state spending. And all four are united in their apparent belief that the state Department of Environmental Protection is the biggest problem in the state – an odd view for candidates who want to represent a district with so many environmental treasures that need protecting," the editorial said. "But Albano and Donohue are the best of the group."

Milam seems to have lost his chance at an endorsement when he told the newspaper that he "does not mind being called (State Sen. Jeff) Van Drew's ‘puppet'"

"He probably did not mean that quite the way it sounded, but still, the remark during an interview with Press editors did serve to highlight Milam's passivity," the editorial said. Press of Atlantic City endorses Albano and Donohue