Reading Rudy’s Tea Leaves

What do your state’s Republican county chairmen talk about when they get together?

“When we speak, it’s mostly, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if he runs?’” Mario Catalano, the Ulster County G.O.P. chairman, told Steve Kornacki about Rudy Giuliani’s maybe-or-maybe-not gubernatorial bid.

There seems to be genuine confusion within the Republican ranks about what Mr. Giuliani is doing–or, more precisely–why he isn’t doing anything. Or is he?

“The fact that he came to Ulster County,” a two-hour drive from the city, “tells me he’s at least considering it,” said Mario Catalano, the GOP chair in Ulster County, where Mr. Giuliani recently headlined a fundraising dinner.

But even as he remains firmly on the fence, Mr. Giuliani managed to rack up something of a quasi-endorsement last night. When Mayor Bloomberg was asked in the “lightning round” of last night’s debate whether his predecessor would make a good governor, Mr. Bloomberg replied–per the moderator’s instructions–simply, “yes.”

Reading Rudy’s Tea Leaves