Reform group raises Lopez lawsuit money with pancakes

A group of Jersey City activists who hope to oust Ward C Councilwoman Nidia Lopez will hold a flapjack fundraiser on Sunday to raise money for the effort.

The proceeds will go to help pay the legal fees of former council candidate Norrice Raymaker, who alleges in a lawsuit that Lopez is technically a Florida resident.

Raymaker said that the decision to serve pancakes at the fundraiser was not meant to poke fun at a suit Lopez filed in the 1990s against on Orlando, Fla. International House of Pancakes, where she fell after slipping on a French fry.

“No, it was not. But that’s very good. I hadn’t thought of that,” Raymaker said. “I’m from Wisconsin originally, and a pancake breakfast is a real community event. Many organizations do pancake breakfasts, so it’s a relatively inexpensive fundraiser for people to participate in.”

One Jersey City – the organization whose slate Raymaker ran on in the May municipal election – is hosting the event. Tickets are $15 and $10 for seniors. Kids eat free.

Raymaker took over the suit from former council candidate Jimmy King, who was arrested on corruption charges after he filed it and pleaded guilty last month.

On Friday, Superior Court Judge Maurice Gallipoli will hear a request for summary judgment from Lopez attorney Bill Northgrave, who hopes to get the case thrown out before it goes to trial. If Gallipoli does not grant the request, the trial will start on October 26.

Raymaker is already getting discounted and pro-bono legal representation, but she said that court fees and stenographer costs add up.

Reform group raises Lopez lawsuit money with pancakes