Republican Infiltrates Park Slope Food Co-op

The Brooklyn Paper‘s Politicrasher spent an evening at the Park Slope Food Co-op with member Joe Nardiello, who’s running for city council in the 39th district, and who is a Republican. Mr. Nardiello works his shift; he chats up shoppers/voters; he is an affable guy. The evening does not generate the ideological sparks that the paper seems to have hoped for.

At first the Politicrasher lets Co-op shoppers do the talking (“A Republican? We seriously considered moving to Canada if McCain had won”), but then steps in for its own interrogation of Mr. Nardiello. This proves difficult:

“It’s a simple question, Joe: Should people be allowed to marry whomever they want to marry?”

“Right now, they can’t,” he said.

“Yes, Joe, but should they be able to?”

“I do believe that it is bad that people have to go to Iowa or Canada to do that,” he said.

Hmm. Maybe, though, it’s harsh to take Mr. Nardiello to task on an issue that gives even Nobel Laureates trouble.

The Brooklyn Paper‘s final verdict? “Bad Republican. Good Co-op member, but bad Republican.”

Republican Infiltrates Park Slope Food Co-op