RGA targets Daggett

Independent gubernatorial Chris Daggett is in the crosshairs of the Republican Governors Association.

The group put out a one minute radio ad that equates Daggett’s plan to cut property taxes partly by expanding the sales tax with Corzine’s plan, “but worse.”

"Daggett actually wants to tax you for getting your hair cut, your dry cleaning — you name it," reads the announcer. “Newspapers say Daggett's property tax plan is pretty much the same plan that Corzine cooked up. And that was a disaster."

Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie has disparaged Daggett’s tax plan in a debate and at press conferences, but has said that he is a non-factor in the race despite polls showing Daggett with support in the double digits.

Daggett plans to address the RGA ad at a press conference this morning in Trenton.

RGA targets Daggett