Roundup: A ‘Mixed Report Card’ and an ‘Aggressive Enough’ Press Corps

Bloomberg gets “a mixed report card” on the economy from Crains. “Despite his efforts, the city is as dependent on Wall Street as ever” and “the city’s budget has grown faster than the rate of inflation—and its debt load has soared.”

Bloomberg speaks to Crain’s on October 22.

Bloomberg used to support a tax on high-income earners, but now opposes it.

Bloomberg said the city doesn’t need a public advocate because there is an “aggressive enough” press corps covering City Hall.

Betsy Gotbaum notes this is a turnaround from what Bloomberg said in June.

Rudy Giuliani alumni get together.

Obama gives Bloomberg a mention in his weekly address.

CNN notices Christine Quinn was in Washington pushing for gay rights.

The Times Metro Desk cancels subscriptions to other news outlets.

John Liu’s opponent will be on Brian Lehrer tomorrow.

Alex Zablocki wants an ACORN costume.

The socialist mayoral candidate wants to debate.

Jen Chung notes the low intensity of Obama’s endorsement of Thompson.

Medford feels snubbed.

Joel Klein seeks help from The Partnership for New York City.

Facebook and Twitter are being used by the state to help people find jobs.

Fox News speaks like a campaign.

Hillary Clinton says she won’t run for president again.

Conservatives go after the Independence Party.

Keith Wright hangs out with Thompson.

Added: A guy who once worked for Representative Charlie Rangel announces he’ll primary the congressman next year.

And John Liu visitsCrown Heights. Roundup: A ‘Mixed Report Card’ and an ‘Aggressive Enough’ Press Corps