Shaftan poll: Christie has 7 point lead

Republican Christopher Christie has a seven point lead, 43%-35%, over Gov. Jon Corzine among likely voters, with 8% for independent Christopher Daggett, according to a poll conducted by Neighborhood Research, a survey firm run by conservative strategist Rick Shaftan.

Corzine has upside-down favorables of 26%-48%, while Christie is at 34%-25% and Daggett at 11%-12%.

Among voters who say they will definitely vote, Christie leads 44%-35%-8%. Among definite voters, Corzine has an upside-down 26%-50% favorable rating; Christie is at 36%-26%, and Daggett is at 11%-12%.

The Neighborhood Research poll was conducted October 27-29 with a sample of 341 definite or very likely voters and has a margin of error of +/- 5.3%.

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Shaftan poll: Christie has 7 point lead