Someone Named Bill Lynch Is Impressed by Andrew Cuomo

Bill Lynch owns

Did your head just explode a little bit? Bill Lynch—deputy mayor under David Dinkins, consultant to the Harlem political establishment, defender of David Paterson—owns

“You’re aware of my record, right?” Lynch said when I called, noting he “fully” supports Paterson and saying this must be some kind of weird coincidence.

Which apparently it is!

It turns out that the Bill Lynch (we’ll call him, for the sake of this exercise, the other Bill Lynch) who owns the site is a lawyer and self-described political junkie from Bayside.

“It’s funny,” Lynch2 told me by phone. “A lot of people confuse my name with his.”

He told me he reserved the domain in 2007, with little notice, after hearing a speech. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who insists his only political plan “at this time” is to keep the title currently before his name, uses for his political activities. (Other Lynch told me no one on team Cuomo has reached out to him about purchasing the domain.)

“I heard him speak back in the end of ’06 shortly after he got elected, then I heard him again in mid-’07,” Other Lynch told me. “The guy was really impressing me with everything that he was doing.”

“I was kind of reading tea leaves,” he said, Cuomo-esquely, when I asked him whether he supports Cuomo for governor. “I really gotta see what kind of policies he lays out. I think he’s doing an excellent job as attorney general. Could I see myself supporting him? Yes. But it’s too early to tell.”

Bill Lynch of Harlem offered this statement: “The real Bill Lynch is with David Paterson.”


Someone Named Bill Lynch Is Impressed by Andrew Cuomo