Source: Sampson Will Announce Monserrate Panel Tomorrow

ALBANY—State Senator Eric Schneiderman will chair a state senate committee to consider possibly expelling Senator Hiram Monserrate from the chamber, a senate source confirmed.

Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson will announce the formation of the committee tomorrow afternoon in Manhattan; the source said it will consist of five Democrats and four Republicans.

Schneiderman was not among five Democrats who called for Monserrate’s removal–either voluntarily or forcibly–and has stuck to the party line that the matter will be reviewed in due course. He also didn’t defend him.

“Senate Leader Sampson has said that we’re reviewing things with the view toward taking further steps and reviewing further sanctions, and I expect the Senate to move forward,” Schneiderman told me the other day. “There are procedures under legislative law for taking sanctions against a senator and I’m very supportive of us moving swiftly to address the matter.”

Monserrate was found guilty Thursday of a misdemeanor for recklessly causing injury to his girlfriend during an altercation last November, but was acquitted of more serious assault charges.

  Source: Sampson Will Announce Monserrate Panel Tomorrow