Specter of Jane Ballroom, Just in Time for Halloween

Things have quiet lately at the Jane Ballroom: meaning that one, it’s been closed, and two, there’s been no more neighbor-drama since it closed.

At the end of September, the summer’s reigning nightspot made residents of the West Village very angry. The feud played out in the Janestreeter newsletter, on Guest of a Guest, and finally on a blog founded expressly for the purpose of hating the Jane Ballroom, Nightmare on Jane Street (dig their scary bug font).

Then, after a few fruitful visits from city inspectors, the Jane went on hiatus and the buzz died down.

But look for things to resume soon–if not the partying, then at least the drama. “Hotel management will have to clean up its act by the first week in December,” reports The Villager. “That’s when the many violations found by a multi-agency task force conducting a highly visible inspection of the hotel are scheduled for court.”

The paper recounts these violations at some length:

Perhaps the crowning jewel of violations was a Buildings Department certificate of occupancy that was ancient history, dating back to a decade or so ago when the Ballroom featured a cutting-edge hit rock musical, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” The certificate of occupancy was for a theater, and allowed eating and drinking.

Only the drinking remains.

Specter of Jane Ballroom, Just in Time for Halloween