Star-Ledger endorses Daggett

The Star-Ledger, New Jersey's largest daily newspaper, has endorsed former state Environmental Protection Commissioner Christopher Daggett, an independent, for Governor.

"The newspaper's decision is less a rejection of Gov. Jon Corzine and Republican Chris Christie than a repudiation of the parties they represent, both of which have forfeited any claim to the trust and confidence of the people of New Jersey. They share responsibility for the state's current plight," the Star-Leder wrote. "Only by breaking the hold of the Democratic and Republican mandarins on the governor's office and putting a rein on their power will the state have any hope for the kind of change needed to halt its downward economic, political and ethical spiral."

The Star-Ledger is a sponsor of the October 16 gubernatorial debate, and had agreed to withhold any endorsement until after that debate was over. Click here to read Wally Edge's story. Star-Ledger endorses Daggett