State Democratic Chair Isn’t Bothered by Gibbs’ ‘As That’

Jay Jacobs, the state Democratic Party chairman, does not think there was anything weak or obligatory about Barack Obama’s endorsement of Bill Thompson.

“It’s important that the president is endorsing Bill Thompson,” Jacobs told me just now. “First, people were raising questions about whether Obama would endorse him. Now, the question the press asks is, ‘Is it good enough.’ It just gets more ridiculous.”

He said Thompson supporters, including himself, are “battling a press corp that believes the race is over and we shouldn’t bother.”

Jacobs said Obama expressing support for Thompson was a tremendous help. When asked if Obama should campaign personally, appear in ads, and raise money for Thompson, Jacobs demurred.

“It was great” that Obama came out for Thompson, he said. “Anything he does above and beyond saying that is more than welcome,” but “I don’t want to dictate to the White House what the president should be doing.”

For the record, the statement from Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs was that the president “is the leader of the Democratic Party and as that would support the Democratic nominee.” State Democratic Chair Isn’t Bothered by Gibbs’ ‘As That’