Steele, at 12% in FDU poll, has raised $22k

After Christopher Daggett, who has qualified for matching funds, the independent gubernatorial candidate who has raised the most money is Kinnelon attorney Gary Steele. Steele, who polled at 12% against the Democratic and Republican nominees in a Faireigh Dickinson University poll, has raised $22,090 and has $14,268 cash on hand, according to reports filed with the new Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Jason Cullen has raised $2,547 and has $838 left, and Libertarian Kenneth Kaplan has spent $67 on his bid for Governor — leaving the bulk of his $215 warchest available to spend during the final weeks of his campaign.

The other six independent candidates did not file reports. Steele, at 12% in FDU poll, has raised $22k