Stockton will release poll on Friday in region Corzine won 52%-48% in ’05

The William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton College is in the field with a poll on the gubernatorial race from a South Jersey point of view, and plans to release the results on Friday. Stockton and pollster Zogby International are polling a battleground region of the state: districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9. In 2005, Democrat Jon Corzine beat Republican Douglas Forrester 52%-48 in these five districts.

A September 21 poll had Republican Christopher Christie leading Corzine in this region by seven percentage points, 37%-30%, with 9% for independent Christopher Daggett.

Stockton also polled State Assembly races in those five districts. Most interesting: Democrats had a big lead in the hotly contested first district race, and that newly-elected Assemblywoman Celeste Riley (D-Bridgeton) was running third in District 3 – a place where state Republicans have virtually conceded.

From the Stockton poll:

1st District: Albano (D) 53%, Milam (D) 37%, McCann (R) 24%, Donohue (R) 23%, Not Sure 25%.

2nd District: Polistina (R) 36%, Amodeo (R) 33%, Martinez (D) 25%, Floyd (D) 23%, Not Sure 34%.

3rd District: Burzichelli (D) 42%, Villare (R) 24%, Lucas (R) 21%, Riley (D) 21%, Not Sure 34%

4th District: Moriarity (D) 45%, DiCicco (R) 37%, Collins (D) 37%, Lawrence (R) 27%. Not Sure 22%.

9th District: Rumpf (R) 33%, Gove (R) 28%, Visotcky (D) 24%, Rue (D) 24%, Not Sure 42%. Stockton will release poll on Friday in region Corzine won 52%-48% in ’05