Tale of the Tape: Why the New York Yankees will win the World Series.

YankeesThe last time the New York Yankees played the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series, "The House That Ruth Built" was a mere-twentysomething, no stadiums had corporate names, and the Yankees beat the Phillies 4-0.

In the ensuing 60 years, much has happened.


So, let’s compare New York and Philadelphia in nine random categories, and see which town measures up.


Delaware vs. Hudson

Philly: Named for an Indian tribe who was already in America.
NY: Named for a Dutch explorer who came from hundreds of miles away.

Edge: New York

Cheese Steak & Cream Cheese vs. Hot Dog & Cheese Cake

Nathan’s New York hot dogs known world wide; and cream cheese is key ingredient in Cheese Cake. Cheese steak tougher to eat at a ball park, but you only need one.


FAMOUS COMEDIANS who are Black, Jewish and Chubby:
Bill Cosby, David Brenner, Curly Joe DeRita vs.
Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Jackie Gleason

Edge: Slight edge to New York by a “Bang zoom to the Moon, Alice.” DeRita was one of the fake Curly’s, not even a real Stooge.

New Year’s Eve Host:
Dick Clark vs. Guy Lombardo

Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve vs. Lombardo’s band called the “Royal Canadians”? Not even an American. No contest.

Edge: Philadelphia

Airports named after famous people:
Philadelphia International Airport vs. LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport.

Philly could not find a famous dead guy to name their airport after? What about Franklin? You name everything else after him.
NY: A mayor and a president trumps “international”.

Edge: New York

Patriotic Symbol:
Liberty Bell vs. Statue of Liberty

NY: On display in the Harbor, welcomes the tired, the poor and the wretched refuse yearning to breath free.
Philly: Keeps it locked up, and besides, it has a crack in it. Spend a couple of bucks, fix that thing.

Edge: New York

Signers of Declaration of Independence:
Ben Franklin vs. Lewis Morris, Francis Lewis, Philip Livingston, William Floyd

The inventor of electricity had time to fly a kite, invent the pot belly stove, and then still kick back with hot 18th century chicks.
NY: Who are these four guys?

Edge: Philadelphia

Team Symbol:
Big Red “P” vs. The Yankee Pinstripes.

NY: Copied worldwide.
Philly: A big red “P”. Yeah, like that’s creative.

Edge: New York

Bridge Connected to New Jersey:
Ben Franklin Bridge vs. Outerbridge Crossing

Philly: Named for you know who.
NY: “Outerbridge Crossing”, named for Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge. Who is this guy?

Edge: Philadelphia

Tale of the Tape: New York 5, Philadelphia 3. One tie.

Edge: New York

My prediction: Yankees in 6.

Tale of the Tape: Why the New York Yankees will win the World Series.