Tedisco Made a $110,000 Correction to His April Fund-Raising Report

ALBANY—Assemblyman Jim Tedisco's Congressional campaign committee—which was just terminated after his failed bid against Scott Murphy this spring—failed to report more than $110,000 worth of contributions in its quarterly filing just before after the special election. The filings have since been amended.

Officials at the Federal Elections Commission sent two letters to Tedisco's committee—one in April, one in July—asking for clarification of why the number of disclosed receipts jumped from $395,856 in the original report to $510,298 in the amended report.

"Your Amended Quarterly Report, received 4/30/09, discloses a substantial increase in the amount of receipts from those disclosed on your original," Amanda Iovino of the FEC wrote in July. "Please amend your report to clarify why this additional activity was not provided with your original report."

Tedisco's campaign treasurer, John Mazzone, explained in a letter that there was a software "error" that was discovered after the original reporting period.
"We immediately and thoroughly reviewed the transactions reported during this reporting period and have amended all discrepancies," Mazzone wrote. "We have also implemented more stringent controls to ensure that an error like this does not happen again."

Most of the newly reported donors are small-dollar givers from around the country who contributed online. It's unclear whether the campaign will face a fine for the error; FEC spokesman Christian Hilland said that commissioners can hold hearings if additional questions remain, but any enforcement actions are not publicly disclosed until a final determination (if there is one) of disciplinary action has been made.

I reached Tedisco by phone and asked if there was any disciplinary action in the works.

"Everything was fine as far as I know," he said. "This was a multi-stage kind of thing, so I think we might have made a mistake, but everything should be fine now."

I also asked whether the fact that his committee was terminated is any indication of his future intentions: There are reports he is considering a re-match against Murphy. (Murphy raised over $300,000 this quarter, and has over $500,000 on hand; that's in context with the New York delegation here.)

"I'm still weighing my options. I wouldn't run on the 2009 Congressional committee. I would open up a 2010 committee if I were to run," Tedisco said. "I've always said when people ask me where I want to be, it's the place where I can serve the largest number of people at the highest level of excellence." Tedisco Made a $110,000 Correction to His April Fund-Raising Report