The Letterman Confession, Through Palin-Colored Glasses

Conservative commentators have now had a chance to weigh in on David Letterman’s workplace affairs and subsequent blackmailing.

From Michelle Malkin:

Very sorry to hear about the blackmail attempt. That’s a hellish and terrible thing for anyone to go through.

As for the affairs with staff members and the damage done to his family, though, you can’t be too surprised given Letterman’s contempt for women.

The reference to “contempt” links to an article with the headline “David Letterman: Perv” (about his comments on Sarah Palin), which undercuts the blackmail sympathy a little. She then provides a clip of Letterman joking about Mark Sanford’s infidelity.

Rush Limbaugh seems more incensed by the good reviews Letterman’s on-air confession received:

You know, folks, this is a day where — as I have said — the fraud and corruption that is the US media is on display real time.  It is visible, viewable, detectable real time.  Now, we all know what happened last night on Letterman.  AP… AP has a television writer named Lynn Elber, headline:  “Letterman Creates Brilliant Hour of TV From Woes”…. So here is AP illustrating the entire corruption — the social, moral corruption — that is the US media, saying that last night’s Letterman show is only paralleled in its greatness when Hugh Grant went on The Tonight Show and admitted that he had paid and bought a prostitute and put her in his car in Hollywood.  Great television!

The Letterman Confession, Through Palin-Colored Glasses