The New York Times’ track record in New Jersey races

Since 1961, the New York Times has endorsed the winner in nine of the last twelve campaigns for Governor of New Jersey. They have also backed incumbents in each of the last six races where a sitting Governor sought re-election, including their support of Gov. Jon Corzine, and have backed Democrats nine times and Republicans three times.

In races where incumbents were seeking second terms, the New York Times endorsed Christine Todd Whitman in 1997, James Florio in 1993, Thomas Kean in 1985, Brendan Byrne in 1977,and Richard Hughes in 1965. Florio, Byrne and Hughes were Democrats; Whitman and Kean were Republicans. Only Florio was defeated; he lost to Whitman.

In contests for open seats, the New York Times backed Corzine in 2005, James E. McGreevey in 2001, Florio in 1989, Kean in 1981, Byrne in 1973, Robert Meyner in 1969, and James Mitchell in 1961. Kean and Mitchell were Republicans. Meyner, a former two-term Governor seeking a comeback, and Mitchell, who was U.S. Secretary of Labor in the Eisenhower administration, were defeated. Meyner lost to William Cahill and Hughes defeated Mitchell.

In races for the United States Senate, the New York Times endorsed the winner in nine of the last ten elections. The only time their candidate did not win was in 2000, when they backed Republican Bob Franks against Corzine. Franks is also the only Republican to get the support of the New York Times for a Senate seat since Clifford Case won re-election in 1972. The newspaper has endorsed Frank Lautenberg in all five of his Senate races, including his first, in 1982, against Millicent Fenwick. The New York Times’ track record in New Jersey races