Remember way back when everyone looooved Obama?

From the thrills of his 2008 campaign to photos of his kids in the Oval Office to his chatty appearances on late-night television, President Obama sometimes seems as much a pal as president. And now, thanks to some modern technology, you can tell the story of your own relationship with him in a book!

Don’t worry: You don’t have to write the thing. The Obama Time Capsule: World History in the Making is actually a print-on-demand project, coordinated by photographer Rick Smolan and compu-giant Hewlett-Packard, that Obamaphiles can customize. To start, it’s a book filled with terrific, comprehensive photos, graphics and commentary (from the likes of Arianna Huffington and Joe Klein) on the election and administration. The twist is that they’ve also created a way for readers to seamlessly add themselves to the pages of history by visiting the book’s website. Follow the quick and easy instructions, and—poof!—you’re an author! Not only that, you’ve contributed to a book on this historic presidency. Who cares if it’s for your eyes only?

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