The Record endorses Corzine

The Record endorsed Gov. Jon Corzine for re-election, saying that the presence of State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck) on Democratic ticket tipped the scales in the governor's favor.

"Corzine alone has been adrift in the State House. Weinberg is more than a skilled political navigator. She is the compass the Corzine administration has lacked. With Weinberg as lieutenant governor, we believe there will be change," the editorial said, noting that Corzine "has not been the governor most New Jerseyans wanted."

But The Record criticized Republican Christopher Christie for not outlining a specific plan to deal with next year's projected budget deficits, and said that they would rather Corzine appoint future Justices of the state Supreme Court.

"A Corzine-Weinberg administration would be unique because neither politician would be seeking elective office in 2013. Politically speaking, they have nothing to lose. Politically speaking, the people of New Jersey have their best shot at a strong leadership team that will have its eyes on public policy and not on political polls," The Record wrote. "We have no false expectations that Corzine will magically be transformed into an orator or necessarily into a great governor. We believe he will pursue social policies that matter to all the people of New Jersey. We intend to challenge him to fight for more ethics reforms and to work with both Republicans and Democrats. We challenge him to bring Republicans and independents into his cabinet. We challenge him to challenge the people of New Jersey to not accept the status quo. This is not magic. This is hard work." The Record endorses Corzine