The Week in DVR: Dave Letterman’s Show Must Go On! Plus, Woody Allen, Paul Rudd, Tim Daly, and Patrick Swayze (RIP)

Monday: The Late Show With David Letterman

All eyes will be on the big guy tonight, the first show since Dave Letterman’s announcement last Thursday sent the world into a weird whipped up frenzy (Friday night’s show, with Larry David, was taped before the scandal broke). Call us crazy, but as far as what Mr. Letterman does in his private life, who cares? We’re actually more impressed at how badass he was while handling being extorted: straight to the authorities, a wire-tap, a phony check, and then airing his dirty laundry in front of his millions of viewers. Do not mess with the Letterman. Tonight’s guest is old friend Steve Martin, who will no doubt bring some dignified wit and silver fox charm to the whole shebang. We heart you, Dave! [CBS, 11:35 p.m.]

Tuesday:  Hannah and her Sisters

People love to talk about Annie Hall and Manhattan as the crème de la crème of Woody Allen films, but for our money 1986’s Hannah and Her Sisters deserves to be uttered in the same breath. This movie tells the hilarious and often heartbreaking tangled up tale of three sisters (Mia Farrow, Barbara Hershey and Dianne Wiest—could there be better casting?) and a wonderful Michael Caine as a befuddled man in the midst of romantic turmoil. Mr. Caine and Ms. Wiest both won Oscars for their work, but everyone is terrific. Keep an eye out for young turns by Carrie Fisher, Daniel Stern, Richard Jenkins, Lewis Black, John Turturro, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus—and for some extra creep factor, a very young Soon-Yi Previn appears as an extra at Thanksgiving dinner. We know, ick! But, trust us, it’s a movie that’s as poignant now as it was over two decades ago. Wow, we’re old.  [IFC, 3:35 a.m.]

Wednesday: Role Models

Role Models is always sort of unfairly lumped in with Apatow-factory releases like Pineapple Express or Forgetting Sarah Marshall (though we totally get why, not the least of which is Apatow regular Paul Rudd, who co-stars here with Sean William “Stifler” Scott and co-wrote the script). But this film, directed by David Wain—about two young men sentenced to 150 hours mentoring troubled kids—is actually quite different those boys-will-be-boys yukfests. It secretly has a very soft underbelly, and no matter how funny a movie it is (it is!), it’s also very touching, too. Look for Glee’s Jane Lynch to steal just about every scene she’s in. [Cinemax, 10 p.m.]

Thursday: Private Practice

Okay, we’re coming out of the closet of shame on this: We totally love Private Practice! And secretly, this little spin-off from Grey’s Anatomy, has been kicking its big sister’s ass when it comes to over-the-top soap opera melodrama (as Grey’s watchers know, this is no easy feat). Take the cliffhanger that started this season off: Violet (Amy Brenneman), hugely pregnant and not knowing if the father of her baby was hottie Tim Daly or sweet and awkward Brian Benben, was attacked by a crazy patient who drugged her and cut open her belly and stole the baby! Last week, we tied up those loose ends (phew), but tonight’s episode will revolve around Violet’s (totally understandable) PTSD.  [ABC, 10 p.m.]

Friday: Ghost

Let’s all raise a glass and toast the late, great Patrick Swayze. While we may personally be more of a Point Break/Roadhouse/Outsiders-Swayze fan, there is no denying all that hoopla when he starred opposite Demi Moore and her oh-so-cute haircut in 1990’s Ghost. Sure, it’s hard to imagine a movie being green-lighted today that would have Whoopi Goldberg playing a psychic and conduit for a make-out session with another lady, and as New Yorkers, that loft Demi Moore likes to weep in has us distracted trying to calculate how much rent has gone up in the last 19 years, but whatever. Special shout-out to Hollywood scion Tony Goldwyn, who does one hell of a cameo as sweaty, twitchy bad best friend Carl. Limbo looks bad! Hell looks worse! And heaven apparently has tons of tiny white people-lights waiting for you (ack!). [WE, 8 p.m.]

  The Week in DVR: Dave Letterman’s Show Must Go On! Plus, Woody Allen,  Paul Rudd, Tim Daly, and Patrick Swayze (RIP)