Thompson: ‘By the Books’ Slow Downs Don’t Violate Taylor Law

Bill Thompson said he’d discourage the Transport Workers Union from enacting a threatened work slowdown tomorrow, but stopped short of saying the disruption would require penalties under the state law barring municipal workers from striking.

The union held an illegal strike in 2005, faced steep fines in response, and has emerged this year as one of Mr. Thompson’s most outspoken and potentially helpful institutional supporters against Michael Bloomberg.

“I have not spoken to them and don’t favor a slowdown, don’t favor a disruption in service at all,” Thompson said this morning.

Thompson was asked a follow-up question about whether he favored hitting the union with fines from the Taylor Law if there was a slowdown.

“I don’t know if that violates the Taylor Law. I mean, we’ve seen things in the past that have been by-the-books slowdowns, and they haven’t violated the Taylor Law,” he said.

“One would hope, and I would talk to them, to urge them, not to engage in a slowdown,” he said. Thompson: ‘By the Books’ Slow Downs Don’t Violate Taylor Law