Thompson Defends His Record on Taxes

Bill Thompson said his record is being distorted in a new commercial being run by his opponent which features video from a speech Thompson gave last year about the economy.

In the ad, launched by Michael Bloomberg’s campaign yesterday, Thompson is shown during a 2008 speech, saying taxes should be raised “across the board.” The ad contrasts that with a recent ad Thompson has run, which criticizes Bloomberg for not supporting a millionaires tax. The ad from Bloomberg calls Thompson inconsistent.

Thompson, at a press conference this morning on 135th Street, said at the time of the speech, he hadn’t entirely ruled out taxing the wealthy, but considered it a “last resort.”

“I did call for an across the board tax increase,” Thompson said. “What I had said at that point was you wanted to have a tax increase on wealth New Yorkers as a last resort.”

When asked if the commercial accurately reflected his position at the time, Thompson said no.

“My position, at that point, I had always said, was a last resort,” he said, referring to the millionaire’s tax. “I did not say never. So I would say, not a real accurate portrayal of my position.” Thompson Defends His Record on Taxes