Thompson Down 16 with 12 To Go

That recent presidential endorsement and those new television ads and that one debate apparently haven’t done much to help Bill Thompson in the polls.

Marist just released their latest survey, and Mr. Thompson trails Mayor Michael Bloomberg by 16 points among likely voters. The good news for Mr. Thompson–if there is any good news when you’re trailing by 16 points–is that Mayor Bloomberg is unchanged from a month ago. The bad news for Mr. Thompson is that he’s sunk six points since the last survey.

A Marist pollster told me this afternoon this poll did include the candidates’ respective parties–unlike an earlier, slightly anomalous poll that only identified the candidates by name–and he said it was conducted earlier this week, so it should include whatever swing or bump might have occurred after the candidates’ first debate last Tuesday.

Mr. Thompson has 12 days left to make up the difference before voters go to the polls on November 3. Thompson Down 16 with 12 To Go