Thompson Gaining in Thompson Poll

Bill Thompson’s pollster, Geoffrey Garin, released internal polling numbers, calling this “a very close race.”

“This is a mayor who hasn’t been able to close the deal,” said Garin.

According to the Thompson polling, released late today in a conference call, showed Bloomberg leading Thompson 46 to 38 percent with 17 percent undecided, among 614 likely voters.

Among the 82 percent of people polled who said they were “certain” to vote, Bloomberg led Thompson 44 to 41 percent, with 15 percent undecided.

Garin also said that “This is our first poll with Bill Thompson in the lead among Hispanic voters.” Thompson led that group with 44 percent, compared to Bloomberg’s 40 percent.

The poll results were announced in a hastily arranged conference call. At one point, when Garin was asked for the margin of error on the poll, he said, “Let me pull my calculator out here.” (It’s 4 percent.) “He should be up 20 plus polls like he was in 2005. And he’s not,” said Thompson’s campaign manager, Eddie Castell, who said the results were encouraging. He also said that after Bloomberg’s record-level spending, and massive public exposure from being in office for eight years, he “should not have that many undecideds.”

Thompson’s campaign said they didn’t poll specific issues, but said the most common complain they heard about Bloomberg, from voters, was term limits.

Bloomberg campaign spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker quickly called a foul, releasing the following statement:

“Following the release of the Thompson campaign’s internal poll, we call on them to comply with section 6201.2 of the rules and regulations section of the New York State Election Law and release the full results of their poll, including all questions, answers, sample size and weighting, and file said information with the New York State Board of Elections. With the Marist data coming out tomorrow morning, we’ll see soon enough whether the Thompson campaign is cooking the books.” Thompson Gaining in Thompson Poll