Thompson Gets Angry About Term Limits Again

Standing on the steps of City Hall this morning, Bill Thompson once again sought to stoke public anger over the mayor’s term-limits extension, calling Michael Bloomberg’s decision to seek a third term the most “egregious abuse of power” since the 2000 presidential election.

With various labor supporters beside him—DC37 and the CSEA were represented, among others—Thompson said, “Politicians think voters have a short-term memory. But they’re wrong.”

Thompson accused Bloomberg of using his wealth to distract voters, and said, “No amount of money spent on ads can change the fact he deceived us.”

Supporters chanted “eight is enough” as Thompson repeated his promise to be honest and accountable and truly represent working families in New York.

Thompson called on voters to “show Bloomberg he lied once, but won’t have the chance to lie again.”  He shouted, “Let’s make November 3rd the referendum for term limits that Bloomberg refused to give us!”

Later, when asked about a NY1 report about clean-up crews sprucing up city neighborhoods before the mayor’s events, Thompson denounced the practice and said it was an inappropriate use of taxpayer’s dollars. But he said, “New Yorkers aren’t stupid. No matter how nice the picture looks, they know work has to be done.” Thompson Gets Angry About Term Limits Again