Thompson on ‘Cloud 9’ Over Obama ‘Endorsement’

The endorsement Barack Obama offered Bill Thompson yesterday has been written off by most of the media as perfunctory and lacking in substance.

Thompson though, has called it “excellent.”

Here’s part of Thompson’s chat with reporters after attending a rally in the Garment District this afternoon, courtesy of an attendee:

Q: What did you think of Obama’s comments about you last night? There were some reports that you had been hoping for more?

A: “Not in the least and I think somebody misinterpreted a comment.”

“I was thrilled by the president’s comments last night. I was enthused, I was thrilled. I mean, I had the opportunity to go downstairs and talk to him before (the event began), the opportunity to take photos with the president and I thought his comments were excellent. I was both proud and excited by his comments.”

Q: What did you say to each other in private conversation?

A: “As we were taking photos I thanked the president for his endorsement, thanked him for his support, and I let him understand that I was going to win this election. The president indicated to me, ‘Keep going out there. Work hard each day.’ … I was excited by it; it couldn’t have been nicer. I thought it was phrased perfectly. … I was on Cloud 9.”

“I’m still on Cloud 9 today.” Thompson on ‘Cloud 9’ Over Obama ‘Endorsement’