Thompson Thrilled with Obama’s Endorsement, Expects Some Name-Dropping Too

Bill Thompson said he was thrilled to get Barack Obama’s endorsement-by-spokesman today, and expected that at some point in the future, the president will actually mention him by name.

Thompson was standing in his 7th floor campaign office on Madison Avenue this afternoon at a hastily called press conference to tout the statement by the White House press secretary today as a major endorsement.

“I am honored and proud to accept the president’s support, a day where he has shown confidence in me, that I can help move New York City forward,” said Thompson.

Thompson’s assertion that this was a major endorsement was not shared by most of the reporters at Thompson’s event, judging from their questions.

“In the statement from the White House,” said one television reporter, “he actually showed confidence in Mayor Bloomberg, didn’t say anything about you other than you’re a Democrat and so is he.”

“Will he appear with you?” asked another reporter.

“But were you surprised that the press secretary didn’t mention your name?”

“Do you expect that we’re going to hear the words ‘I endorse Bill Thompson’ coming out of Barack Obama’s mouth,” asked a newspaper reporter.

“I think,” said Thompson, “you will definitely hear those words come out of the president’s mouth.”

I asked Thompson if he would put “endorsed by Barack Obama” in his ads and on his campaign literature.

“Barack Obama put endorsed by Barack Obama on my campaign literature,” Thompson said happily. “I think the president did that.”

He sort of laughed off the question, and implied that he would. Which could be interesting, since Obama has praised Bloomberg publicly, and could conceivably show up on the mayor’s lit too.

One Democratic operative supportive of Thompson said the endorsement “wasn’t graceful” and “wasn’t pretty,” but ultimately, Thompson does get to say something Bloomberg can’t: “endorsed by Obama.”

Thompson Thrilled with Obama’s Endorsement, Expects Some Name-Dropping Too