Tina’s Giving vs. Arianna’s Impact: A Philanthropy Vertical Smackdown!

Looks like Tina Brown’s Daily Beast may be riding on Arianna Huffington’s charitable coat tails with the launch of Giving Beast, a new vertical that encourages users to read blog posts and stories about cause-related news and opinion, then click on links and widgets to find out how to get involved. Global Philanthropy Group, a consulting service that has worked with Bono, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Branson, among others, has partnered with the Daily Beast for the launch.

The Beast’s introductory headline to the section, splashed across the front page today, is “Giving Beast: Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Howard Buffett, and Tory Burch Tell You How.” Ms. Brown writes about Afghan women;  Ms. Burch highlights how women can be empowered through microfinance; and Demi’s Sex Slave Crusade is featured.

There’s even an article in the Cheat Sheet highlighting HuffPost’s Impact and how its readers raised about $30,000 for a blind family.

Speaking of … earlier this week, on Oct. 13th, the Huffington Post launched HuffPost Impact, a new section on the site featuring hot-button issues and opinions along with links and tools so users can donate or volunteer with nonprofits to do something. A sample headline? “World Food Day: 7 Things You Need To Know (Including How To Get Involved).”  Causecast.org, a nonprofit online action network, partnered with HuffPost for the new section; All for Good, the open-source “Craigslist for Service,” is providing additional resoruces; and Create the Good, AARP’s online service, is an inaugural sponsor.

It represents an idea I’ve been pursuing in one form or another for over 15 years,” Ms. Huffington wrote in a statement. “Back in the early 90’s, I pitched the idea of creating ‘C-SPAN 3’ to cover 24/7 the work of non-profits and giving back. I pictured people being able to tune-in at any time to see programming that moved them and inspired them to take action. That was before the Internet made possible the power of 24/7 engagement so that with a click and a link we can both learn about a cause and immediately take action. At HuffPost Impact, reaching the end of a story is just the beginning of the chance to make a difference.”

Tina’s Giving vs. Arianna’s Impact: A Philanthropy Vertical Smackdown!