Tinsley’s Reality

With bitter dismay, the Post reveals this morning that Tinsley Mortimer’s impending reality show will be “as fake as her platinum blond mane.”

One incident of fakery recounted by a Post source:

“Tinsley and her friends were being filmed watching [owner] Albert Trummer do his regular fire show [where he sets absinthe aflame] when one of the producers stepped in to spice it up.

“The producer whispered something in a friend’s ear and she immediately began fighting with Tinsley. They were screaming at each other. Things simmered down, and the girls were downing shots, when a guy suddenly came in. All four of them were talking to him, but Tinsley was really flirting — she and her sister seemed to be in competition over him.

“The producers obviously wanted it to look natural, but he looked pretty made-up, like an actor.”

“Like an actor.” Tinsley’s Reality