Today in Local Sports Coverage: Counting Your Blesses

It’s mostly predictable fare in your sports page this morning. With the Yankees on the eve of the World Series, you get your stories about the core of players from the glory days going for one more title, you get your stories about the newcomers who are excited to be there for the first time, you get a couple comparison pieces between your respective sluggers, and another one on your Game One starters.

Even the comments by Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins that they’d win in five was met with a collective shrug. Mike Vaccaro doesn’t take the bait, saying Rollins is “entitled to his voice.”

But two stories give us a glimpse into what it’s like talking to two Yankees. The Times plumbs the depths of Derek Jeter’s–what’s a nice way to put this?–focus. Jeter apparently has no idea what’s going on anywhere, and insists that sportswriters apprised of basic knowledge about the series–like the fact that Pedro Martinez is starting Game Two–receive more information than he does.

“Is he pitching Game 2?” Jeter asked. “You guys know more than us.”

          And that the starters for Game One tonight–Cliff Lee and C.C. Sabathia–started the first game at the new stadium.

“You guys have more info than I have,” Jeter said.

Over at the Daily News, Mike Lupica gives us a hint of what it’s like talking to Robinson Cano, who is from the Dominican Republic and still speaks with a heavy accent. On playing in the World Series, Cano says:

“It is a bless,” he said.

Now, a reporter sometimes encounters something like this and might hammer out the “-ing” since that’s what the guy was going for. But sometimes leaving it alone conveys a better sense of the person. Lupica seemed to like the slight malapropism, because he picks up on it to extol this Series matchup.

But if you are a baseball fan, it is this Series that is a bless.

And he even comes back to it for the kicker. Lupica really wants this thing to go seven games.

Maybe this time. Maybe this one goes the distance. Maybe we get one that’s a bless.




Today in Local Sports Coverage: Counting Your Blesses