Today in Local Sports Coverage: Mr. October, the Sequel to the Sequel

Sure is nice that Reggie Jackson is around the clubhouse on days like yesterday.

Your local sportswriters have to file something Yankees related, and without a game to dissect, it helps if someone else can heap a little praise for them. So the Post leads one story with Reggie christening Mariano Rivera “Mr. October II,” and he even floats the possibility that—of all people—Alex Rodriguez might be in line for “Mr. October III.”

“Now, Mr. October III, I can’t wait for him to come in, because if that happens, we win, and I’m involved in the ‘we.’ I would have no problem. Please do it. Come in and do the things that are necessary.”

Awfully kind of Reggie to offer up that derivative of his own nickname. Hopefully, this kind of thing would never actually catch on, namely because Rivera is already “The Sandman”—one of the last decent nicknames in modern sports. Rodriguez is at the opposite end of that spectrum: the first-initial-and-first-syllable-of-the-last-name has to be one of the most significant derelictions of duty in modern American letters. It is, after all, the sportswriters’ job to come up with something good to call these guys, something that captures their personality and performance, and instead we get formulaic portmanteaus, and now, apparently, retread nicknames from the ’70s. 

Mike Lupica also talked to Reggie about Mr. A-ctober III, and today Lupica seems a little higher on A-Rod. (His column yesterday was about how C.C. Sabathia is much better.) Lupica compares Rodriguez to Jackson in ’77, and manages to drop himself in there.

There were days when he didn’t want to make the drive up Madison Ave. to the ballpark from his apartment on 79th St., I know because I used to take the ride with him, that’s how bad a time it was for him in baseball, and in New York.

It’s a bad time for Mark Sanchez. All the papers wonder about his emotional status after he “looked like a man who had broken up with his girlfriend, or had lost his favorite petduring that five-interception performance on Sunday. But yesterday, the Daily News said he “sounded like he was stretched out on a leather couch, spilling his guts.” Sanchez talks to the media on Wednesdays, so get used to reading these types of Sanchez stories every Thursday.

There’s one name that pops up this morning that we’re not accustomed to seeing in the sports pages. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo—a regular on every other page of the paper—makes a surprise appearance in the Post. How did he get his name in the papers this time? Well, he’s staying out of a saltwater fishing license dispute.

Today in Local Sports Coverage: Mr. October, the Sequel to the Sequel