Today in Local Sports Coverage: The Sanchez Deflation

Well, Mark Sanchez won’t be going undefeated for his entire career. The rookie quarterback threw three interceptions and fumbled in the end zone down in New Orleans. Or, as Steve Serby puts it in the Post:

The beautiful swan turned into the ugly duckling on the day the Saints, the deafening Superdome and the world came crashing down on him.

Serby had to strain a bit for a new, less positive nickname; he came up with “Aintchez.” The Daily News called it the worst game by a Jets quarterback in three years, which is fair.

But the general reaction seems to be everyone telling everyone else not to overreact, since this is Sanchez’s fourth real professional game ever.

They save their overreaction for Eli Manning, who left the Giants’ big win with a mysterious ankle injury that he insists is not an Achilles.

Plaxico Burress seems to have had a bad reaction to the Post showing up to talk to him in prison.

Burress, ashen-faced and scraggly, briefly sat down with The Post wearing a forest-green prison shirt that read “Burress, Plaxico 09R3260.”

Asked about his life behind bars, Burress shouted, “What?” and then walked away.

The reactions were mixed to the Knicks’ Danilo Gallinari. Gallinari was 2 of 6 for 9 points. The Post and the Daily News both thought his performance was lackluster, but the Times headline is “Gallinari’s Effort is Reassuring to the Knicks.” Maybe that’s in comparison to Eddy Curry?

Also: Baseball’s regular season wrapped up yesterday, and after 162 games, the Twins and Tigers will play one game tomorrow afternoon to determine who faces the Yankees in the playoffs.

  Today in Local Sports Coverage: The Sanchez Deflation