Today in Local Sports Coverage: Yankees Hope for Clear Skies, Bert Blyleven

The Post sports page has your weather forecast for the Yankees game tonight: “It will be as cold as Hillary Clinton’s freezer face.” So dress accordingly.

C.C. Sabathia is not worried about the weather, because he will play video games if it rains—as the lead of this Daily News story, and this Post story, and this Times story each tell us. Well, which video game amuses a 300-pound ace starter, a young reader might wonder? You certainly wouldn’t know from the Post, which offers up only the bracketed “” The Daily News is slightly more forthcoming; it reveals that Sabathia likes the vintage Nintendo game R.B.I. Baseball. But it’s The Times that really blows this story out of the water—and even connects it to tonight’s game. Witness:

In R.B.I. Baseball, the 1980s video game that is popular in the Yankees’ clubhouse, Sabathia’s favorite player is Bert Blyleven of the 1987 Minnesota Twins. If he can channel the real Blyleven on the mound, the Yankees will be thrilled: Blyleven won twice in the A.L.C.S. that season to lead his team to the World Series.

That’s how you do it, folks. Clearly, they were all standing there for the same three-minute interview, but without The Times, we wouldn’t know that Sabathia likes to channel a 200-pound Dutch pitcher (his given name was Rik Aalbert Blyleven) from 20 years ago who sported a handlebar moustache, a periodic mullet and—at least once—a T-shirt that read “I [Heart] To Fart.

Back to the weather: The Post calls this swirling nor’easter “anti-baseball weather.” Jorge Posada calls it “Yankee weather” in the Daily News. Make of that what you will.

Outside the Bronx, there’s less about the waning Rush Limbaugh martyrdom than you might expect, and more about the nascent Brandon Jacobs martyrdom. Steve Serby gives us the transcript of an unhappy interview with the bruising running back, who’s been overshadowed so far this year by his diminutive backup, Ahmad Bradshaw. Best line: ““Any more questions about the New Orleans Saints or the Giants’ success? Let ’em fly, if not, get the hell away from my locker.” Over at ESPN, Matt Mosley transcribes Tom Coughlin’s more diplomatic thoughts on the matter.

And there’s a Stephon Marbury sighting in the Post. This is just low-hanging fruit. The man ate Vaseline in a 24-hour webcast recently. You could conduct an entire J-school seminar on whether this guy is fit to be reported upon. But it’s probably always good to give someone who has been attacked as often as Marbury a chance to defend himself—especially when it’s for something like eating Vaseline.

“It wasn’t a trick, it’s a black heritage thing and I did it to help me when I lost my voice,” Marbury tells the Post. “People saw I was drinking a lot of tea. They said I was crazy. But if I’m hurt, why wouldn’t I do something that helps me?”

Today in Local Sports Coverage: Yankees Hope for Clear Skies, Bert Blyleven