Trenton Times endorses Corzine

In a campaign marred by the relentless negativity of the exchanges between the two party candidates, the Trenton Times has endorsed Gov. Jon Corzine, whom they blame as the "chief offender" of the negative campaign because of the personal money he's spending to get re-elected.

"The governor deserves re-election," the editorial board wrote. "Events beyond his control have tended to obscure his very real achievements. Much of his first term coincided with a national recession that has caused widespread misery in New Jersey and prompted a search for scapegoats. The damage here was worsened by the effects of years of fiscal folly by previous governors and legislators that left New Jersey in a pit of debt and unfunded commitments to its public employees. Other factors that helped make Gov. Corzine a target for voter discontent have been his own charisma deficiency, his unapologetic use of his personal fortune to advance his political ambitions, and the collapse of his well-intentioned but flawed plan to raise highway tolls to pay for transportation needs and debt reduction."

Republican Christopher Christie "has offered no reason to believe he has the knowledge, experience or program to lead the state out of the fix it's in." Trenton Times endorses Corzine