‘Who Tweets?’

This week, the Magazine Publishers of America held its first Magazine Innovation Summit. The Observer‘s Chloe Malle attended the “Decline and Rise of Magazine Journalism” panel, which was moderated by Slate’s Jacob Weisberg and included The New Yorker‘s Susan Morrison and Gawker’s Nick Denton.

Denton obligingly played the destroyer of received wisdom. Weisberg asked about how Gawker fact-checks:

“We don’t,” Mr. Denton replied flatly. “We aim to get the truth over time. The verification model is post-publication rather than pre-publication. Our readers correct us and we apologize and we change it. We don’t have time to check it all before.”

Towards the end of the panel, Mr. Weisberg returned to Ms. Morrison: “How does The New Yorker stay on top of fact checking and accuracy as they try to enter into the up-to-the-minute online sphere?”

“We try to edit every single thing that goes on the Web site,” said Ms. Morrison.

Mr. Denton was shocked. “Even the Twitter posts!?”

“We have Twitter posts?,” said Ms. Morrison. “I didn’t even know we were doing Twitter posts. Who tweets?”


‘Who Tweets?’