Win an Office for a Year!

Yes, that office to the right, or something quite like it, could be yours for a year! For free!

The clever folks at Regus, a company that specializes in short-term office leases, have decided to launch a sweepstakes. The lucky winner will get a choice of office in one of Regus’ 18 Manhattan locations for a full year, free of charge.

If this sounds like some cynical cry for attention, well, perhaps it is. But it’s also pretty creative.

Donna Scott, regional director for Regus’ East Coast operations (the firm was founded in Brussels and operates in 76 countries), said the sweepstakes began on Monday and will continue through the end of the year. Luck will be the determining factor, and there’s no particular limit on office size. The winner will be able to select from availabilities in Regus’ 750,000 square feet in Manhattan, divided among the 18 different office locations, including 415 Madison Avenue, pictured above. 

“We’ll let them pick the office that will suit them most effectively,” Ms. Scott said.

If you’re interested, register here. Win an Office for a Year!