Wisniewski, on message, slams Bramnick on wasteful spending hearing

Assemblyman Jon Wisniewski (D-Sayreville) called a public hearing on government waste chaired by Assembly Minority Whip Jon Bramnick (D-Westfield) a "laughable… partisan sideshow" and in a clear shot at the gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie, criticized Republicans for not talking about the cost of hotel rooms for law enforcement officials.

"I also find it odd that the panel failed to discuss whether taxpayers would appreciate lifting travel restrictions that have saved taxpayer money in recent years," said Wisniewski, who is considered a possible candidate for Democratic State Chairman next year. "Then again, circuses are purely for entertainment, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised these Assembly Republican confabs are so out of touch with the public's concerns.

Bramnick said last week that the hearing would allow "citizens to come forward and offer their opinion and suggestions regarding government waste that occurs at all level."

"The squandering of taxpayer dollars affects everyone and we are interested in offering construction solutions to reform a system that is need of change," Bramnick said.

Wisniewski pointed to pay-to-play restriction, stripping of pensions for corrupt officials, and a ban on dual office holding as accomplishments of the Assembly Democratic majority.

"By contrast, when Republicans controlled the Legislature they just about did nothing on ethics and wasteful spending," Wisniewski said. "Their deathbed conversion and clamor for reform rings hollow. Had they been truly serious, they would have enacted reforms years ago." Wisniewski, on message, slams Bramnick on wasteful spending hearing