A Faux-Antiquated Newspaper With Actual News

The 33rd issue of McSweeney’s Quarterly will be packaged as the San Francisco Panorama, a made-up newspaper that Eggers et al hope to distribute on the streets of the city as well as sending to subscribers. According to a preview posted today:

It’ll have news (actual news, tied to the day it comes out) and sports and arts coverage, and comics (sixteen pages of glorious, full-color comics, from Chris Ware and Dan Clowes and Art Spiegelman and many others besides) and a magazine and a weekend guide . . .  with as much first-rate writing and reportage and design (and posters and games and on-location Antarctic travelogues) as we can get in there.

The issue “will basically be an attempt to demonstrate all the great things print journalism can (still) do,” McSweeney’s says. A Faux-Antiquated Newspaper With Actual News