A Slow Slide from ‘Ridiculous’: West 67th Condo Chopped Mightily to $8.97 M.

Everything that comes up must come down, even the price tags for apartments with telephone-programmed air-conditioning, six-head steam showers, motorized refrigerator shelves, heated towel bars, master suite sitting rooms and 1,100-square-foot entertaining terraces.

Earlier this month, the asking price of a four-bedroom apartment at 45 West 67th Street fell to $8,975,000, two years after it was listed for $14 million. “That was a ridiculous price,” said Robby Browne, its current broker.

But the ridiculousness was fixed very slowly. The tag was cut to $13.1 million, then $12.1 million, and the apartment was asking $10,995,000 when it was taken off the market last year. The condo, where the corner living room has a gas fireplace and the corner dining room opens onto a 34-foot-wide terrace, was re-listed last month with Mr. Browne for $9.9 million, a price that lasted four days. “It should have come back on the market for $8,975,000,” he said.

The apartment, which can be rented for $28,000 a month, is owned by a limited liability corporation tied to the investors Kathleen Comerford and Raymond Cubero.

Earlier this year, The Observer reported that the pair had put a Lex Luther–like duplex in Trump Tower on the market for $14,995,000. The listing with Paula Del Nunzio pointed out, in order, the apartment’s phone-controlled air-conditioning, programmable multi-head steam shower, motorized fridge shelves (“to easily accommodate your groceries”), soundproof sheetrock in every room, touch-panel controls, two kitchens and something called a silent “forced air heat” system.
That was in the listing’s first paragraph.

Elsewhere, Ms. Del Nunzio discussed invisible speakers concealed behind walls and ceilings, iPod docking stations, a “convenient wet bar,” twin dishwashers, a cappuccino maker, a steam oven, a 72-inch wine cooler and a rear-projection TV hidden behind a painting in the master bedroom.

Despite all that, two days before the West 67th price cut, the Trump Tower apartment’s tag fell $2 million to $12,995,000.


A Slow Slide from ‘Ridiculous’: West 67th Condo Chopped Mightily to $8.97 M.