A snapshot of a Morris County district

DENVILLE – In the third district of the fourth ward in this heavily Republican town, turnout is brisk and steady, according to election officials.

As of 5:30pm, 817 people had voted at the Union Hill Presbyterian Church. That includes 15 people who were waiting outside the door when polls opened at 6am.

That’s much better than turnout in 2005, the last gubernatorial election, according to poll judge Sarah Finkle. Back then, Republican Doug Forrester beat Jon Corzine in Denville by almost 20%, 3,147 to 2,146.

As expected, turnout is lighter than in last year’s presidential race, when 1,620 people voted in this district.

Republican council candidate Don Kuser, who was at the polling place with a challenger, said that “for a gubernatorial, it’s very heavy.”

“It’s going to do well for Chris Christie,” said Kuser, who said that the turnout was roughly 50% Republican, 25% Democrat and 25% unaffiliated. A snapshot of a Morris County district