A Valuable Difference of Values

Back in 1974, when NYC was facing a mounting financial crisis, then-Mayor Abe Beame went to then-President Ford and asked for financial help from the Federal government. His answer from the president came in the form of this now famous Daily News headline: “Ford to NY: Drop Dead.”

Well, it’s Thanksgiving time, and food banks are hurting in NJ. The recession is draining the budgets of soup kitchens and food pantries around the state. And they need help.

And future former Governor Corzine and Governor-Elect Christie disagree on emergency funding for feeding the hungry.

Corzine said, "There are obviously a lot of people struggling for nutrition and dealing with hunger," after serving meals at Oasis in downtown Paterson. He said "additional help" is needed because food banks are "seeing 50, 60, 70 percent increases in demand."Corzine said he can’t simply shift money that’s already been appropriated. "It will take a legislative action," he said. "We’re working on some suggestions and we’ll speak to the incoming administration on this, as well."But Christie said "there are some good things that government does that we simply cannot afford to do anymore." Yeah, like feed the hungry and help the needy. Around Thanksgiving time.

Christie continued: “I implore them not to fall into the bad habits of both Democratic and Republican legislatures of the past during lame duck and to go on a spending spree."

So, for the newly elected Republican governor feeding the needy is a “spending spree”.

As part of his transition team, perhaps Christie should hire the folks who helped write the Daily News headline.

Yup, elections do have consequences. The needy and hungry will just have to wait until 2013 to eat, I guess. A Valuable Difference of Values