Aspiring Restaurateur Antagonizes Everybody

Last month Bruce Buschel, proprietor of a yet-unopened restaurant in Bridgehampton, wrote a blog post for The New York Times ennumerating “100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do.” Behaviors that he preemptively forbade included interrrupting patrons’ conversations, reciting the specials “too fast or robotically or dramatically,” and mentioning one’s favorite dessert (“It’s irrelevant”).

Now competitors, potential employees, and New York Times commenters alike are irritated with Buschel, reports The East Hampton Star in an article headlined “Insulting an Entire Profession“:

What was it that had so inspired the masses to add their two cents to Mr. Buschel’s assertions, which ranged from the obvious suggestion that soups should be served with spoons to the more controversial “Never announce your name”?…

Kieran Brew, a veteran restaurateur who lives in Amagansett, took Mr. Buschel’s suggestions with a healthy helping of outrage and a side of indignation.

“As the response to the 100 things proves, everyone’s an expert when it comes to restaurants, and they’re always willing to share their expertise,” Mr. Brew said in a colorful blog that he was inspired to write after reading Mr. Buschel’s list.

“There’s just no pleasing some people. And it seems that This Guy — oops, almost called him Bruce — is one of those people,” he went on.

This is not Buschel’s first foray into irritating everybody, the paper reports, but it is his first large-scale success. Earlier in October The Star ran a Buschel-penned guest column that “humorously exposed the non-biking set’s annoyance with neon-clad ‘bike people,'” which failed to draw the “explosive” response that he reportedly hoped for. Aspiring Restaurateur Antagonizes Everybody