Avella Wants More Oversight of Mayoral Appointments

Michael Bloomberg said he is looking to replace a dozen or more commissioners as he goes into his third term at City Hall, but those appointments, and other top positions in his administration, would have to be vetted in a public hearing by the City Council, according to a new bill introduced to the Council on Monday.

The bill, introduced by outgoing Councilman Tony Avella of Queens, and Councilwoman Anabel Palma of the Bronx, calls for those mayoral appointments to be filled “subject to the advice and consent of the council after a public hearing.”

The bill would require public hearings held within thirty days of the full Council meeting after a nomination has been made. Interestingly, the bill also says that if a hearing isn’t held within that time period, “the nomination shall be deemed to be confirmed.” So, the Council can’t block an appointment by delaying a hearing.

It’s not likely the bill will go anywhere, considering its primary sponsor, Tony Avella, is a pariah in the Council and has passed few bills. But the idea seems somewhat consistent with the current mood. Avella Wants More Oversight of Mayoral Appointments