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1. Who says no to excellent free music? Apparently not VSL readers, who made The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass Sampler Vol. 1 a top pick this month. This 21-song compilation of the artist’s extensive recordings range from poignant piano solos to epic orchestral arrangements. To read the original email, CLICK HERE.

2. Another top pick for November? The wildly imaginative and stunning Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel , from husband-wife team Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett. This handsome book lays out the alternative history of the world’s first robot soldier. To read the original email, CLICK HERE.

3. You may have had your fill of birds last week during Thanksgiving, but we’re guessing you’ll still enjoy these gorgeous photographs found at the elegant Web site dedicated to Bird, Andrew Zuckerman’s recently released book of photography. You’ll find 87 different kinds of feathered fowl swooping, soaring and striking a pose. To read the original email, CLICK HERE.

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