Bloomberg: 20,000 People Placed in Jobs

Dealing with the city’s worsening economy was one of the reasons Michael Bloomberg wanted to stay on for another term. Toward that end, the mayor announced today that the city helped place 20,620 people into new jobs since January.

That’s up from last year, when 17,000 were placed into jobs.

It’s worth noting that the act of placing a person in a job is slightly different than creating the job.

A spokesman for the mayor said the job openings were in companies who already signaled to the city that they were looking to expand and hire people. The spokesman said the city then helped assist these business in a number of ways, including training prospective employees and linking them with job openings.

Here’s how the job placement breaks down by borough: 5,362 in the Bronx, 3,557 in Brooklyn, 3,203 in Manhattan, 6,669 in Queens, and 1,829 in Staten Island. 

Unemployment in the city is at a 16-year high. Bloomberg: 20,000 People Placed in Jobs